Schoel Helps Community Find Flooding Solution

February 20, 2015

For many years, a dedicated group at Schoel has asked the question “How can we better utilize our knowledge and skills to better serve our community?” With a wealth of expertise in hydrology, we were determined to create something that would help protect lives and property damage during flood events. We envisioned a system that could play a major role in public safety, property protection, and managing the emergency response prior to, during, and after flood events. By knowing when to expect the flooding and its impacts, municipality and emergency management officials would be able to take action before lives are at risk, anticipate the need, and disseminate emergency personnel and assets. With adequate warning, individuals would have the opportunity to make key preparations which can lead to a reduction in the impact of flooding on our communities.

The results of this vision and years of work has been the development of an innovative flood forecasting software package that provides forecast flood depth, rainfall totals, and the expected time of peak flooding. This information is available up to 4 days in advance. This software also has the ability to send custom warning messages via text message and email. With a simple web browser based interface, the flood forecasting system can meet a wide range of user groups and needs.

In addition to the public safety benefits, the system can qualify for Community Rating System (CRS) credit under Activity 610-Flood Warning and Response.

For more information on the flood forecasting system, please contact William Thomas, PE, CFM, Senior Environmental Project Manager with Schoel.