Grandview Medical Center

December 21, 2015

On October 10, 2015, the Birmingham Metro Area welcomed Grandview Medical Center (formerly Trinity Medical Center) into business.  Fourteen years after construction started, the doors were opened on what was once known as HealthSouth’s Digital Hospital.  The U.S. Highway 280 corridor now has a full service hospital to serve communities such as Greystone, Liberty Park, Chelsea, and other areas farther south.  Grandview will allow people in these communities access to healthcare without having to travel downtown.  Traffic on 280 has certainly increased, but the healthcare benefits to the community far outweigh the traffic headaches.

This Hospital and the surrounding campus have been a key part of Schoel’s history since the 1970s.  Southern Company originally identified the site where the Cahaba Center at Grandview now sits as the site for their headquarters.  Schoel designed mass grading plans that allowed construction to start while the architectural and other plans were completed.  Mass rock excavation started in the late 1970s, but ceased when Southern Company decided to locate their headquarters in Atlanta instead of Birmingham.  Schoel was also the surveyor and civil engineer for the Riverpoint building (also known as Nexity and Alostar during its history) in the 1980s.  This building was demolished as part of the Grandview construction.

In March 2008, Daniel Corporation purchased the unfinished hospital and the rest of the Grandview Campus from HealthSouth.  Later in 2008, Trinity Medical Center announced that it would purchase the Hospital from Daniel and finish the facility.  In 2013, construction restarted on what would soon be known as Grandview Medical Center.

Schoel Engineering used its entire suite of services on Grandview Medical Center – land surveying, civil engineering, environmental design, and laser scanning.  We performed all land surveying tasks – the initial ALTA surveys for property purchase, topographic surveys for use in design, construction stake-out, condominium documents, and a post-construction ALTA survey.  We were the civil engineer for the project; performing all of the site design such as grading, drainage, utility infrastructure, roadways, etc.  The roadway improvements along Cahaba River Road were designed by Schoel, and we also worked closely with ALDOT on the improvements that were made to U.S. Highway 280.  The environmental design of the erosion and sediment controls was an integral part of the process in order to protect the Cahaba River that was directly adjacent to the site.  During the project’s dormant period, Schoel performed a laser scan of the unfinished lobby as part of research and development of its laser scanning department.  Many members of the Schoel team had a hand in this project.

There is still more work to come on the Grandview Campus.  Schoel has designed a mass grading and infrastructure package for the undeveloped portions of the site so that it is prepared for future development opportunities. Utility infrastructure was installed, master planned stormwater management was built, and rough building pads were graded.  Schoel Engineering is proud to have been a part of this great project and we look forward to Grandview Medical Center serving the 280 corridor for years to come.