As-Built Revit Models

March 11, 2016

In 2015, the Health Facilities Management (HFM) and the American Society for Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) performed a survey of over 3,000 hospital and health system executives to learn about trends in hospital construction. The survey indicated that 67% of respondents are or will soon be re-purposing existing spaces.  This trend will lead to a greater need for as-built surveys, or surveys conducted to obtain existing conditions of a construction project.

Point Cloud_Revit ModelWhen working within an existing space, having accurate as-built documentation is vital to delivering a project on time and on budget. In the past, this type of as-built data was rarely available. Schoel’s solution was to add High Definition Surveying (HDS) and 3D Modeling to our list of services. HDS is performed by using a 3D Laser Scanner, which is a reality-capture measuring device that provides the most accurate and detailed recording of existing conditions available.

Combining laser scanning technology and 3D modeling software together has allowed us to eliminate almost all uncertainty of as-built locations. To accomplish this, we use the laser scanner to capture precise spatial data on all visible elements within a space to form an extensive point cloud. From the point cloud data, we are able to create an accurate 3D As-Built Revit Model. 



The image on the left shows a point cloud containing millions of data points overlaid on a Revit Model. A 3D Revit Model is an extremely powerful tool in the planning, design, and construction of a project.  3D Revit Models reduce the guesswork involved with a project, help mitigate risk, and give insight into how a building will perform before construction.



Revit Model viewed in Navisworks



By utilizing High Definition Surveying, a precise set of as-built drawings can be created essentially eliminating the need for hand-measuring. HDS eliminates days, even weeks, spent in the field measuring and mapping, while providing a more detailed product than traditional methods. HDS saves time, money, and most importantly, it helps preserve the existing conditions of the site. Consider utilizing High Definition Surveying and 3D Modeling during your next re-purpose/retro fit project.