High Definition Surveying & 3D Modeling

Schoel Engineering was founded on a tradition of solving client’s problems. One common thread through many projects has been the lack of existing as-built plans. Schoel’s solution has been to add High Definition Surveying (HDS) and 3D Modeling to our list of services.  Both of these services have proven effective in resolving issues by providing accurate as-built documentation on time and on budget.


HDS is performed by using a 3D Laser Scanner, which is a reality-capture measuring device that provides the most accurate and detailed recording of existing conditions available. It takes the guesswork out of mapping an existing structure. Within minutes, we can generate a point cloud containing millions of data points that can be used to obtain measurements. It eliminates days, even weeks, spent in the field measuring and mapping, while still providing a much more detailed product than traditional methods. The point cloud can then be used to create a 3D Model for design and analysis. Bottom line—it’s fast, accurate, and doesn’t add to your project cost.