Do you have a need for a rain gauge at your site or facility but do not want the hassle that comes with operating and maintaining a gauge?  Schoel offers a precipitation monitoring service called VGauge that requires no equipment and eliminates the hassles.  Because we use radar to measure the rainfall for the precipitation event, a VGauge virtual rain gauge can be deployed almost anywhere.

VGauge delivers accurate results.  We utilize neighboring precipitation gauges to calibrate the calculated radar based rainfall to produce accurate precipitation measurements.  VGauge collects and stores the rainfall data in 5-minute increments providing a level of detail equal to or exceeding a physical rain gauge.

VGauge provides custom reports delivered to your inbox following a rain event and at the end of each month.  The reports can be customized to provide 5-minute data or daily rainfall totals.  We can also send alerts by way of email or text message to notify you of a significant storm event or a range of custom alert settings.

A brochure on the VGauge service can be downloaded here.

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