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Schoel’s collaborative approach to design enables us to provide your project with a unique vision for the future. We partner with our clients to develop sustainable solutions that balance creative elements with the practical aspects of science, technology, and business. At every level we consciously consider the economic, environmental, and social impacts of our work. We’ve been celebrating successful relationships with our clients since 1888.

Civil Engineering

Our engineering solutions balance technological innovation with nature to create unique projects that meet your time, budget, and space requirements. (learn more)


Land Surveying

Schoel Engineering has been in the surveying business since 1888, and even created the first maps of the City of Birmingham. (learn more)


Landscape Architecture

Our landscape design services seamlessly fit your project to the land, respecting the natural elements that are already in play. (learn more)



We know the environmental landscape, the level of review required, the permitting process, and the compliance issues that make getting dirt moved possible. (learn more)


Water Resources

From hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of large waterways to local drainage facilities, we help clients with municipal, residential, industrial and commercial projects of all sizes. (learn more)


Laser Scanning + Modeling

We digitally capture as-built conditions through Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling that can be provided as a point cloud or developed into a highly detailed three-dimensional model. (learn more)


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