In addition to design and/or coordination of all private development utility infrastructure needs including water, sewer, gas, fiber and electric, Schoel offers a variety of enhanced water and wastewater services for public and private utilities and clients.

Our utility infrastructure services include: master planning, mapping, modeling, design, bid and permitting services for the construction of new and support to existing water distribution, storage, and treatment systems, pumping stations, gravity and pressure sewer collection and transmission mains, and onsite wastewater treatment.

As your partner in the Utility Infrastructure process, we offer –

Utility Infrastructure Clients:

Municipal, Institutional, Governmental Agencies requiring public bid procurement.
Commercial, Residential, Industrial, and Institutional.

Utility Infrastructure Services:

Booster pump stations, water mains, new and rehab storage tanks, treatment plant upgrades, onsite treatment and pre-treatment.

Gravity and pressure sewers, lift stations, force mains, treatment plant upgrades, and onsite treatment.

Water and wastewater planning and modeling to meet current and future projected needs, specification development and standard detail renderings, grant applications and administration.

Project surveying, easement acquisition, infrastructure location and record drawings, laser scanning, GIS data gathering and input.