Schoel’s team of expert hydrologists aids our clients when their projects are in flood prone areas. From hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of large waterways to site storm water management design, we assist clients with projects of all sizes and in all industry sectors.

Our end goal is a successful project for our client. We are vested in providing expert technical analysis for the benefit of our client and generations to come.

As your partner in this process, we offer:

Analysis of drainage systems and waterways to determine how much of the rainfall becomes runoff, the rate of runoff, and the depth of the water.

Compliance path identification and execution for projects seeking to remove an incorrectly mapped property to revising the flood map for regulated waterways.

Development of Storm Water Management Plans to provide an overall framework for managing increases in storm water runoff due to site development.

Design of Best Management Practices to address storm water quantity and quality for site development.
Inspects of Post-Construction BMPs to satisfy municipality post-construction inspection requirements.
Analysis of existing storm drainage system to identify constraints and design improvements to mitigate local flooding.
Evaluate flooding to identify cause and design improvements to mitigate future flooding. Also includes developing project grant applications for funding design and construction.

Our VGauge service provides gauge adjusted radar-rainfall for continuous, real-time rainfall or evaluation of historical storm events.

Expertise in FEMA’s NFIP regulations and CRS program to help our clients develop and implement successful floodplain management programs.
Serve as an expert for drainage and flood-related legal cases.