Fairfield Resort Pensacola Beach Pool Design

Schoel’s team of Pool Design experts possess a diverse range of experience. Our goal is to create a luxurious pool that our clients can enjoy for years to come. To achieve this, we work closely with the client during each step of the design process. From a simple, rectangle pool, to a resort-style pool on the beach, Schoel’s Pool Design team can exceed the clients’ needs.

With licensure across various states nationwide, we have extensive design experience tailored to regional needs and regulations. Our designs include circulation systems, pump and piping hydraulics, filtration and disinfection mechanisms, chemical control systems, automation features, as well as the structural integrity of pool floors and walls. Let us guide your next pool project from initial concept to realization.

As your partner in the pool design process, we offer –

Pool Design Clients:

We guide pool projects from initial concept to realization.
We complete drawings per permitting authorities and coordinate with pool product suppliers.

We take conceptual layouts and create complete plans to be built and enjoyed.

Pool Design Services:

  • From Preliminary/Schematic Design to Stamped Plans, we provide comprehensive design solutions tailored to your vision and regulatory requirements.
  • Our team offers expert Permitting Assistance and diligent Construction Administration & Review to ensure smooth project progression and compliance.
  • We conduct thorough evaluations of existing conditions, offering insights to inform your project’s direction and optimize outcomes.
  • Our assessments cover Renovation and Enhancement possibilities, guiding you through options to revitalize your pool space.
  • For maintenance and longevity, we provide precise Repair & Replacement Recommendations, maximizing the lifespan of your pool infrastructure.

Our designs encompass a range of amenities to enhance your pool experience:

  • Zero Entry: Seamlessly transition from land to water with ease and accessibility.
  • Waterfalls: Create a tranquil ambiance with cascading water features.
  • Geysers: Add excitement and playfulness with lively water eruptions.
  • Heaters: Extend your swimming season and maintain comfortable water temperatures year-round.
  • Splash Pads: Delight children and families with interactive water play areas.
  • ADA Ramps: Ensure inclusivity and accessibility with ADA-compliant entry points.
  • ADA Lifts: Facilitate safe and dignified entry and exit for individuals with disabilities.
  • Deck Jets: Enhance aesthetics and ambiance with elegant streams of water.
  • Benches: Provide relaxation and seating options for poolside comfort.
  • Slides: Infuse fun and excitement with thrilling water slides.
  • Sun Shelves: Lounge in shallow, sun-drenched areas designed for relaxation.
  • Propulsion Swim Jets: Enable endless swimming and fitness training with adjustable current systems.
  • Lazy Rivers: Create a serene oasis with meandering water channels for leisurely floating.
  • Competitive Racing Lanes: Cater to competitive swimmers with designated lanes for training and events.
  • Perimeter Overflows: Achieve sleek aesthetics and optimal water circulation with perimeter overflow designs.
  • Pots and Spouts: Introduce visual interest and soothing sounds with decorative water features.
  • Infinity Edges: Elevate luxury and aesthetics with dramatic vanishing-edge designs.
  • Bubblers: Add charm and whimsy with playful bubbling water features.

What kind of pool design do you envision?

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