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Start your future with co-op and internship opportunities from Schoel. We partner with colleges and universities to provide a stepping stone of success in your education.

Work alongside a team of professionals in the land development industry that have been a leader since 1888.

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“Working at Schoel as an intern has been a great experience. Everyone is really inviting and willing to help you learn whenever you have questions. It’s also been really fun to work on a lot of local projects that I know will impact the world around me on a daily basis.”

Jonathan W., University of Alabama at Huntsville

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Here are some of the many things you will discover with your opportunity at Schoel.

Hands-On Learning

You will have the opportunity to work alongside professionals in your field and explore multiple disciplines with training that allows you to contribute as you would after graduation in the real world.

Real World Experience

You will gain real world experience that you would not normally get in a classroom setting. You will have a deeper insight into what you have learned in the classroom by applying it to real life projects.


Gain team work experience with multi-disciplinary collaboration on most projects to have an in depth look into everything that is involved with a project.


You can get involved by getting in touch with your career services at your University or College! Most use platforms such as Handshake or Symplicity to list different internship or co-op opportunities for your program.

You can get involved by getting in touch with us directly! Fill out our inquiry form below and we will get back to you soon!

We partner with a wide variety of schools such as University of Alabama at Huntsville, University of Alabama in Birmingham, University of Alabama, Auburn University. We will partner with any school that offers a co-op. Reach out to your school’s career services to get started!

We offer co-ops and internships in all of our departments from civil engineering to landscape architecture. Talk with your advisor to see what would work for you!

Your school and program set the guidelines for what the requirements are. Typically, we look towards sophmores with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. Talk with your advisor to see what the requirements are for your school.

A traditional co-op program requires students to participate for 3 full semesters.  It may vary between schools. Speak with your career services to find out more.

An internship may vary. Contact us directly to learn more.

Yes! If your housing access is more than 75 miles from your assigned office, we will provide a housing allowance.

A co-op, also known as Cooperative Education, is a program by universities and colleges that allows students to use the knowledge that they have learned in the classroom in a work setting.

An internship offers resume building work experience and networking opportunities for their field. These are opportunities that are offered through the company rather than the school.

Speak with your school’s career services and advisor to find out what works best for you!

Get in touch with us directly about the internships we offer.