Project Description

As part of the FEMA Map Modernization Program, Schoel utilized current LiDAR topographic data to re-delineate all areas studied by detailed methods in Jefferson County and Tuscaloosa County, AL, in 2005 and 2006 for the Alabama Office of Water Resources. These re-delineated areas were incorporated in the updated FEMA FIRM panels that are the basis by which communities participating in this FEMA program determine whether properties are in a flood zone and regulate development within flood zones. These maps are also used to determine whether or not property owners are required to purchase flood insurance. This project involved application of model data and results to current topography and management of all Letters of Map Change active in the County. Schoel was involved in the second phase to revise several Jefferson County Flood Insurance Study (FIS) models that were outdated. This phase included conducting field surveys of channel cross sections and bridge/culvert structures, development of revised hydrology, and development of new detailed hydraulic models using HEC-RAS for the selected streams.