At 4Site we are proud to have the opportunity to support local charities and non-profits.  As a small business with a focus on helping improve the communities where we live, we follow our passion by investing directly with a local-giving approach.

A few of the groups and events we support include:

  • Arts Huntsville (, whose mission is to stimulate and support community creativity and engagement by advancing the arts, entertainment and culture to enrich quality of life, education, and economic development in the greater Huntsville metropolitan region.
  • City of Huntsville ( events like the Pop-up Park Competition, which supports smart development and planning in urban areas.  Our staff jumps in to design and implement our parks each year, and we always have a great time and receive a lot of positive comments.
  • Golf Tournaments for non-profits across the region who are donating funds and supporting those in need through charity.
  • Grissom High School Band (  The mission of the Grissom High School Band is to achieve the highest standards of music education and music performance; facilitate the musical enrichment of the student membership of Grissom High School and its feeder schools; promote the place and value of music in our community and the significant role music plays in the cultural, intellectual, and social lives of young adults; foster fellowship and goodwill among its members; and provide its membership with opportunities for personal growth and leadership.
  • The Huntsville Botanical Garden (  As their CEO Paula Steigerwald said, “Since our opening in 1988 we operate from the premise that we are truly the “community’s garden.”  We strive to be responsive and proactive by taking a leadership role in environmental issues such as sustainability.  To effectively expand our community commitment, we continually review on our future growth.”
  • Huntsville Youth Orchestra (HYO) (  Founded in 1961, HYO nurtures the musical, social and educational development of young musicians from the Tennessee Valley in an orchestral setting. HYO is dedicated to providing children and youth with a fun, musical experience and benefits/rewards that will last a lifetime. The programs instill cooperation, discipline and patience, developing young musicians into appreciative listeners and participants.
  • Huntsville Hospital Foundation ( that supports health and wellness across our region.
  • The Land Trust of North Alabama (, whose vision is to lead regional and community collaborations that plan, preserve, and provide stewardship for green space in North Alabama.  Their mission is to preserve North Alabama’s scenic, historic and ecological resources through conservation, advocacy, recreation and education.
  • YMCA (, whose goal is to not just “operate within the YMCA walls, but we are engaged in our communities wherever there is a need. Expand your knowledge, maintain your health, and gather with your peers through one of the many community programs we offer.”

From the list above, you can see that we try to pick things that add to the quality of life here, and that help those less fortunate.  We feel very blessed to have the success we have had here, and when we are successful we want to give back.  We look forward to opportunities ahead and want to find ways to say thank you to the community.

By Jerry Cargile, Co-founder